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Cherry woke up and looked around after the blackness. She was in a bedroom, it was the guest room that belonged to Harold and Kate. She was in one bed and Anne-Marie was in another. Itchy was sleeping with her while she gently slept and didn't sound terribly sick. Cherry smiled and was about to go back to bed as the autumn wind blew by and crisp leaves blew into the room gently. Cherry made herself comfortable and rested and was nearly dozing off.

She yawned gently and sprawled all around the bed as her eyes felt heavy. She yawned one last time and fell straight asleep. While she was sleeping though, she felt a disturbance and woke up slightly. She gasped suddenly as she saw the sky turn red and the clouds turned thickly gray. There was a prehistoric like creature outside the window and it frightened Cherry. She looked back, seeing Anne-Marie and Itchy sleeping pleasantly, not disturbed by the force outside.

The window was still open and the curtains were blown back. Inside came Charlie though, he looked different, he was transparent, although Cherry could see him. He saw Anne-Marie fast asleep and decided not to bother her so he just went to Cherry and saw her awake.

"Hey Cherry..." Charlie said in a hushed town.

"Charlie?" Cherry sat up.

"I thought you were dead."

"I had a near-death experience, I don't know how or when I got here." Cherry explained. "Anne-Marie and Itchy were here when I woke up."

"That's nice... I just wanted to say I would miss you both..." Charlie said.

"Charlie..." a voice wavered to him.

"Huh?" Charlie turned to the source of the voice as it was dark, red and scary anymore, just light, blue and friendly.

"Time to go to Heaven..."

"Heaven?" Charlie sounded surprised. "But, my watch-"

"Charlie," the voice said. "You gave your life for them. You earned Heaven."

"Oh, how lovely." Cherry smiled.

"I have to go now," Charlie turned to Cherry. "I'll miss you, but hey now remember, goodbyes aren't forever. I hope someone at least adopts you, regardless of your looks. You're very beautiful, smart and funny. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Take good care of Anne-Marie and Itchy for me."

"Of course," Cherry smiled as she yawned again. "Goodbye Charlie, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, Cherry..." Charlie licked her face gently and disappeared in a flash of blue light.

The next day Cherry told Anne-Marie what had happened. They were both sad to let Charlie go, mostly Anne-Marie and Itchy of course. They all had a happy ending though, it was like their own little slice of heaven. Anne-Marie was adopted by Harold and Kate Bluth and they even adopted Cherry as their daughters. They even kept Itchy as their pet. Cherry then lost her negative outlook on life as she and her little friend, now adoptive sister, had a happy ending for them both. Cherry often stared out the window after praying with Anne-Marie at night and looking up at the clouds, hoping someday they would see Charlie again.

I know kind of a rushed ending, but I hope you liked it. I plan on doing All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, but I don't know about All Dogs Christmas Carol yet. I think we can ALL assume at the end of the first movie, Anne-Marie is adopted by Harold and Kate. I also thought it'd be nice to let Cherry be adopted by them too.

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I love this story.
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