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Cherry and Belle had been in the castle for a while now. Over the course, Cherry and the servants have been trying to get Belle and the Beast together to fall in love and break the spell. It was now sometime after the Beast had saved Belle from the wolves and Cherry had met Maestro Forte.

Whenever Cherry was around the castle, the other servants told her that he needed her in the music room for various things. He wanted her to be with him most of the time whenever the Beast wasn't as he was the only one to cheer up the Beast with his sour moods. Somehow his depressing music managed to cheer him up at times.

It was reaching late into December. Cherry looked out the window and saw snow all near the castle grounds. Christmas would be here soon. It was Cherry's and Belle's first Christmas without their families, but they thought they'd be happy since they could celebrate Christmas in the castle with their new friends. However, Cherry was still having a rough relationship with the Beast since he had injured her. While Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere and Chip were looking for the Beast, they found Cherry growling and rubbing her wounds.

"Where is that Beast?" Cherry hissed.

"What's the matter, deary?" Mrs. Potts looked at Cherry in worry.

"He thinks he can yell and hurt me with his bad attitude!" Cherry growled. "He's got a lot of nerve!"

"Please Cerise, don't..." Chip was cut off.

"Don't tell me what to do, Chip!" Cherry growled at him.

"Hi Belle..." Chip noticed Belle behind Cherry, and Cherry turned to her.

"Well hello." Belle greeted. She then noticed an aggravated look on Cherry's face. "Cerise, you shouldn't be in a bad mood. Don't you know what day it is?"

"Uhh..." Cherry was lost.

"Well, it's not Tuesday..." Chip said, trying to help out.

"No silly." Belle laughed. "Today is December 24th. The day before Christmas!"

"And what a beautiful day it is!" Lumiere stammered slightly. "A wonderful day for a morning stroll."

"Yes, yes. Nothing starts a day like a brisk walk around the grounds." Mrs. Potts added. "Maybe the endorphins will cheer you up, Cerise."

"Whatever." Cherry grumbled, following her friends outside.

"Or you could go ice skating!" Chip suggested.

"Yes, fresh air, exercise," Cogsworth did a stretch, then there was a crack in his back. "In moderation of course."

"Come along, Belle dear." Mrs. Potts called as Belle found ice skates and the girls got on their winter jackets. "The great outdoors awaits."

"Doesn't matter." Cherry grunted. "Not like the Beast will notice."

"Cerise, what's gotten into you?" Lumiere asked as he went to the door with the others. "You used to be constantly cheerful and now you're doomy and gloomy!"

"Leave me alone." Cherry sighed heavily as she got out into the cold weather she enjoyed.

Belle was on her way out and she noticed the Beast walking by the ice.

"Oh good morning!" Belle smiled with a wave.

The Beast looked at her, then slipped onto the ice and landed hard on his back. Cherry snickered at that rather evilly, like she had changed in personality.

"Oh dear! Are you alright?" Belle slid onto the ice with her skates to help him out.

"I... fell..." the Beast looked down at himself as he got up steadily on his feet. "And I landed on my... on the ice."

"It's pretty slippery." Cherry rolled her eyes as she stood in the snow.

"Yes... It's... slippery." the Beast muttered.

"This is a perfect day for skating. Why don't you skate with me, Cerise?" Belle got on the ice.

"I can't skate." Cherry sighed, putting her hands in her pockets. "Why is it worth being happy when we're all just destined to be unhappy in the world?"

"What's gotten into her? She seems like she's changed." the Beast said as he joined Belle on the ice to learn how to skate.

"I don't know. She's been away from me a lot lately, the others told me she's been in the music room." Belle shrugged.

"Ah," the Beast thought. "She must be hanging around with Forte. He's always depressed, but he's nice to me most of the time."

As Belle and the Beast skated, Cherry groaned and went back inside as it got too cold, even for her. On the way in she heard the music room playing slow and gloomy organ music. She opened the door, closed it behind and walked over to the organ for another visit.
Basically the Enchanted Christmas is tied in with this chapter and a few of the others along with it
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dang cherry so gloomy
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