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Forte continued to play his tune as Cherry walked in. She liked the song and even had a small smile on her face.

"Nice." Cherry mumbled in deadpan.

"Cerise, you approve?" Forte chuckled at her as he looked down at her.

"It was magnificent, best music I've heard in a long time." Cherry rubbed her knuckle against her shirt and looked at her nails.

"Oh, come along, it's merely an opera," Forte played a loud, booming tone which made Cherry jump back in fright as the window cracked slightly. "To bring the house down." Forte laughed as debris fell from the ceiling.

Cherry sighed. "Enough of that," she looked up at the organ. "You promised me if I helped you keep Belle and Adam from falling in love you'd reward me with a gift I would never forget."

"I shall, child..." Forte looked down at her. "But Cerise... In the middle of my crescendo, I thought I heard merriment outside the window. Did you have a little looksie for me?"

"Why don't you do that yourself?" Cherry looked away in a straight, unimpressed face.

"Well Cerise, now that I think about it, I think I might, I'll just pick myself up and..." Forte stopped in mock surprise as he tried to move himself, but couldn't. "What's this? Oh Heaven's look! I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL!"

"Thank goodness..." Cherry mumbled under her breath, then she looked outside the window, hiding fright. "Your Master is skating."

"Skating?" Forte wondered. "Why on Earth would he do a thing like that?"

"Probably because Belle is holding his hand." Cherry shrugged.

"What!? Belle!?" Forte hissed at her.

"No, Snow White." Cherry grumbled in sarcasm. "You do realize if she falls in love with him the spell will be broke and you'll be human again and I can go back home where I belong, right?"

Forte didn't like the sound of that last part and he blared his organ to make Cherry fall down in cowerance. "Trust me, Cerise... Humanity is entirely overrated..." he snarled. "Before the enchantment, there was no need for my particular brand of genius. But now, the master needs my melodies to feed his tormented soul. I am his confidant, and his best friend and I won't let some peasant girl ruin it for me!" He looked down at the girl and made her shoot up into attention. "CERISE! See to it that this blossoming love withers on the vines..."

"Sure thing, Maestro Forte..." Cherry walked off out the music room to go back outside.

"Difficult little creature.... But yet so passionate... I will have her as mine." Forte wickedly smirked as he watched her leave.

Cherry came outside and saw that the Beast was skating much better than he was earlier. He was around Belle as he continued and they both laughed. Cherry was sickened by it, she felt like if she wasn't happy, then everybody else around her shouldn't be either.

"This looks like fun! What do you say we join them?" Mrs. Potts giggled, looking up at Cogsworth.

"Maybe another time, Angela." Cogsworth chuckled at her.

"Now come along, David." Mrs. Potts smirked.

"Angela? David?" Chip looked at his mother and Cogsworth in confusion.

"Ah, yes there is something in the air." Lumiere sighed as he watched his master and guestess skate together. "Could it be love?"

"Love? I better stop them!" Cherry snarled as she worked herself on the slippery ice but due to her lack of experience ice skating and clumsiness she looked like she was causing too much attention and trouble.

"What is that little sour puss up to?" Mrs. Potts watched Cherry.

Cherry was by Belle and the Beast as they were closer on the ice beside her. She watched them skating and holding hands. She rolled her eyes at the affection, grabbed the Beast's cape and made them both fall and slid across quickly as they landed into the snow bank. Cherry laughed as she was by a tree.

"They look like abominable Snowpeople." Cherry snickered evilly. Then somebody threw a snowball at her and Cherry glared around to see who threw it as more snow from a tree she was under, fell onto her. "Hey! Whoever did that is dead meat!"

"Nice shot, Jerry!" Mrs. Potts laughed.

"Thanks, Mrs. Potts." Lumiere smiled.

Cherry popped her head out, shivering and coughing. She then saw Belle lean back and wave her arms and legs around in the snow. She then got up with the Beast as they looked down together.

"It's a Christmas angel, see?" Belle showed, but then she noticed the Beast's was a smushed plant in the snow.

"This is no angel," the Beast sighed. "It's a shadow of a monster!" the Beast then growled and kicked and slashed around the snow, storming off inside.

"Forte's gonna be so proud of me." Cherry smirked as she went back inside and sneezed heavily. She took out a handkerchief and blew her nose hard as she got inside where it was safe and warm.
Cherry basically takes over Fife's role in this story
raventhedoll Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
aww no matter how must i read these storys about forte and cherry it  cool
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