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Back at the castle, Belle was sentenced to the cold, dark dungeon with a blanket wrapped around her. The Beast glared at her as her vision came back.

"You said you'd never leave," he growled at her.

"I wasn't trying to leave," Belle bowed her head with her eyes closed. "I was just trying to make you happy."

"You broke your word." The Beast rushed to the door. "And for that, you will rot in this dungeon forever." He slammed the door, leaving Belle alone as the bell tolled midnight. It was now Christmas Day.

The Beast went in the West Wing as Cherry was bundled up in Forte's bed and snored wheezy. She sounded very sick and needed care. The Beast looked at her, pulled an extra blanket on her and stared out the window as Forte looked down at him.

"Oh, my dear old friend, I told you not to feel for her," Forte mocked sympathy to the Beast. "Things were so much simpler here before Cerise or Belle came along. Before we dared to..." Forte sharply exhaled in mid-sentence. "Hope."

"I thought she was the one..." The Beast sighed.

Cherry got up with a little yawn. She looked up at the giant pipe organ and beast as she went to the small table. She held up the magic mirror and wondered how it work.

"Show me Belle, please?" Cherry requested as she let out some nasty coughs.

The mirror flashed bright green and Cherry looked away with her eyes shut tight from the brightness. She looked back at it to see the dungeon where Belle was alone. In little to no time though, there was everyone coming to the dungeon to meet with Belle.

"Belle?" Chip called as the others went in with him.

"Hello cherie." Lumiere greeted.

"There she is." Mrs. Potts slowly said.

"Merry Christmas." Lumiere went to her with the others while Cherry let out nearly endless tears.

"Doesn't look so special to me." Chip looked down, disappointed.

"Oh Chip, I'm sorry," Belle sighed sadly. "Nothing's changed."

"I told you nothing would change!" Angelique called to her. "I told you the Master would not allow this. I told you Christmas was a hopeless folly!"

Belle looked away from Angelique's pessimism. Cherry felt like bawling like a baby. She pressed the mirror against her chest as tears escaped her eyes from the angel ornament's negativity.

"But...." Angelique spoke again, which made Cherry remove the mirror to look again. "I was wrong..."

"Hmm?" Cherry sniffled, looking at the angel go close to Belle. Belle also looked at Angelique.

Angelique: When I felt lost and lonely
Not a dream in my head
Your words lifted my spirits high
I remember what you said

As long as there's Christmas
I truly believe that hope
Is the greatest of the gifts we'll receive

Belle, Angelique & Cherry: As long as our guiding star shines above
There'll always be Christmas
So there will always be a time when the world
Is filled with peace and love
This part always made me cry when I was little
raventhedoll Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
that a lovey song
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