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"Cerise, are you okay?" the Beast asked as the mirror flashed back to normal and Cherry coughed hoarsely.

"I wanna go home...." Cherry mumbled. "I don't feel well..."

"You do look a little pale..." The Beast picked Cherry up and tucked her back into bed.

Cherry coughed a little and hugged the pillow as she slowly drifted off to sleep. The Beast was unsure of what to do now.

"Ah, it tears me up to see you this way, Master," Forte drawled. "Why do you torment yourself? There's the symbol of your dreaded curse. Destroy it and end these adolescent notions of love and redemption. End your pain forever."

Cherry looked slightly to see the Beast about to destroy his enchanted rose, thus making the spell permanent. She wanted to stop him but she was too sick and weak and just shrugged it off as she drifted back to Dream Land.

"Yes.... Do it!" Forte got the Beast to fulfill his dreaded wishes. "SMASH IT!"

The Beast roared very loud, it almost disturbed Cherry, but she was still asleep. Just then as the jar was off, a small petal fell and landed on the present Belle had left for him before she went out looking for a Christmas tree. He then noticed the present.

"Belle?" he thought as he grabbed the present.

"What is it?" Forte looked over to see the smashing not happening. "What're you doing?"

The Beast finished unwrapping the present and walked to his chair by the fireplace.

"Ooohh.... A storybook...." Forte mocked. "Does this one have pretty pictures you can color?" he chuckled. "Utterly dreadful, Master."

"No! This one's different!" the Beast huffed as he held the book open. "It's from Belle and Cerise..."

"Well, that would account for the creative wrapping and childish drawings," Forte mumbled.

"QUIET!" The Beast growled. "I want to read."

Forte groaned, rolling his eyes as the Beast sat by the fire. He then looked down at Cherry to see her shivering and whimpering in her sleep. He glared at her, but then his expression softened as he saw a poor, innocent girl far away from home in sickness and not in health. He summoned some green lasers to gently rock her to sleep. Forte smiled as Cherry was now calm and restful and looked to see the Beast leaving the room.

"No Master!" he cried. "Come back! She'll only prolong your torment!"

The Beast closed the doors and now Cherry was left alone with Maestro Forte yet again. Forte growled, which woke Cherry up.

"What happened?" Cherry mumbled, sitting up in the bed.

"The Master has left for your friend..." Forte growled. "Beast gets girl and it's a happy ending for everybody. The enchantment is lifted and Forte fades into the background. No longer important, no longer needed... Doomed to be forgotten, I'd rather be DEAD than forgotten."

"I won't forget you." Cherry told him.

"You won't?" Forte sounded touched.

"No, you're kind of creepy, but you're actually pretty interesting, Maestro." Cherry crawled to the end of the bed and sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at the tall organ. "You're smart, wise, beneficial, you seem like you need a friend. How about Fife?"

"Fife?" Forte sighed. "I don't know, he seemed to be frightened of me... I was always rather intimidating... You probably fear me."

"Deeply and truly, sir. But, I actually like you."

"YOU LIKE ME!?" Forte gasped. He then shook his head and calmed himself. "I mean, of course, you do. You have interesting taste in acquaintances."

"I wouldn't say that. I'd say we're more like friends." Cherry smiled, then coughed a little.

"Gesundheit, child." Forte smiled at her. "Why don't you get some rest? It seems like there'll be a Christmas celebration in the castle after all."

Cherry coughed and nodded as she crawled all the way back into bed. For the first time in his life for a long time, Forte felt appreciated and accepted. He wanted to make this a Christmas no one would forget in a negative way, but Cherry changed his evil ways. It seems like Belle wasn't the only one taming a wild beast in the castle.
ooh looks like the castle destruction won't be happening, huh?
raventhedoll Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
hmm even a monster like that can change
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