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Forte played slow and soft notes for Cherry as she slept. He cooed to her like she was a baby and watched over her as he smiled and thought up a song as she slumbered.

Forte: Hush young enfant
Stay forever delicate
I may be doomed in this cursed enchantment
But you deserve all the help you can get

Your childish laughter, nearly all the time
You were as annoying as a lemon lime
Boiling with hidden cuteness I couldn't resist

You make the blood in my body constantly rush
You made me into a stalker with
A villianous crush

Villainous cruuuush....
I've seen the world and other females or children in it
All they do is whine and complain because of spinach
You make my heart deep within myself
Grow strong and proud deep within my pipes

Milk chocolate velvet skin
Wrapped around a fragile little kin
You're quite doable and now physically ill
Allow me to comfort you and put germs to kill

And after our little dinner I could go for something sweet
You in further puberty
I'd like to see what you'd look like at age: 23
I would power drive you if I had the will
But now you need to rest for being so ill

'Cuz those naughty germs and bacteria around you
Are keeping me from protecting and guarding around you
And what a beautiful young soul your body has provided
To slice a path of sickness with your immune body to guide it

You make the blood in my body constantly rush
You made me into a stalker with
A villainous crush....

Forte chuckled as he finished his song and took it down a notch once he saw Cherry shivering in her sleep. He used his lasers to pull the sheets over her to keep her warm. He smiled down at her.

"Bon nuit, Cerise...." he whispered as he looked over her to watch her sleep peacefully.

The door opened and out came Belle and the Beast.

"Maestro?" The Beast growled at him.

"Shush, Cerise is asleep." Forte replied in a hushed tone.

"Oh." The Beast walked over and checked on Cherry, sound asleep and drooling all over the pillow. "Is she well?"

"She has a fever, probably from being out in the cold too long without supportive weather clothing," Forte bowed respectfully.

"We're about to have the Christmas I've always wanted." Belle said. "He let me out and we agreed to a celebration."

"I know..." Forte sighed. "I wanted to destroy you all, but I've mended my ways. Cerise has allowed me to see the light."

"She has?" the Beast asked.

"Yes, as Belle tames you, Cerise tamed me." Forte smiled. "She is a very wonderful little girl. I know she'll make a man very proud someday."

"Never took you one to be sympathetic with others, Forte." the Beast smiled.

"It normally depends on the person, Master. I've had a bad experience with love myself in the past, so I kind of developed a flat-out disgust for it. Until... Well... Now..." Forte smirked suggestively down at Cherry.

"Maestro, she's a little girl!" Belle's eyes widened.

"I understand that, and she doesn't understand love at her age now... You two go off, I'll keep an eye on Cerise..." Forte used a green laser hover over Cherry and rock her to sleep gently.

"We'll tell you about the celebration." Belle smiled and walked off with the Beast.

Forte smiled at her and continued to focus on nursing Cherry.
song is a bad parody on Toxic Love from Ferngully, I know it sucks and sounds a little suggestive, but deal with it, okay? I did my best
raventhedoll Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
the song ok
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