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Cherry often loved winter, because she could stay in most of the day, be lazy and catch up on writing, but she was still down with a fever. Cogsworth and Lumiere often checked on her whenever she was with Forte. He often sang to her and cuddled her to make her feel a little bit better, but since he was bolted to the wall, he couldn't do a whole lot for her. Mrs. Potts often gave her warm tea with honey and put damp cloths on her head. Chef Le Bouche provided steaming hot chicken soup for her, she loved it very much, but she was still very sick.

"This is all my fault..." Forte sighed as Belle came in with a bowl of hot chicken soup.

"How is it your fault?" Belle asked, sitting on Cherry's side.

"I made her go into the Black Forest with you and Chip and she only had those rags to keep her comfort." Forte frowned.

"You almost got me in trouble for going there, regardless of her or not." Belle mixed up the soup.

"I am very sorry for that, Belle..." Forte sighed. "I just didn't want the Master to make the same mistakes I did when falling in love..."

"You had a lost love?"

"Oui, her name was Aimee..."

"My mother's name was Aimee." Belle's eyes widened.

"Huh? Well, must be coincidental. Aimee had long brown hair, blue eyes, often wore purple..."

"My mother loved purple... Her eyes were like crystals and her hair looked like chocolate..."

Forte got shocked. Once he looked at Belle he then realized how much Belle resembled Aimee. "I was going to propose to her, I finally had the courage to court her. But I heard church bells across the street and saw her in a wedding dress with a pudgy man who was rumored to be an inventor."

"What was his name?"


"That's my father's name! What did you do to get over Aimee?"

"I.... I didn't..." Forte gulped. "She was out on a windy Valentine's Day and her hat flew off... Does that sound familiar?"

"My mother and father left me and my sister with our Aunt Marguerite while they went out for Valentine's Day. Papa then came home saying Maman had been devoured by wolves." Belle frowned.

"Oh..." Forte felt a twinge of guilt. "That was my fault, Belle... I got Aimee to run into the forest since I was depressed that day and wolves chased after her. I was about to help her, but I was too heartbroken so I allowed the wolves to kill her...I'm sorry..."

"You killed my mother..." Belle's voice got low and serious. She then noticed Cherry was whimpering from sickness so she grabbed Cherry, wrapping her in a blanket like a newborn baby.

"Belle, I'm sorry!" Forte cried as she left with Cherry.

"You killed my mother!" Belle ran out of the room, carrying Cherry.

"B-Belle....?" Cherry coughed.

"Shh... It's okay, you can stay in my room..." Belle gently placed Cherry down in the guest bed, tucking her in. "Forte won't hurt you again..."

"Belle...." Cherry whimpered.

"Belle, what about our lunch date?" the Beast poked his head in the room.

"Sorry, but Cerise needs me right now..." Belle tucked Cherry in. "She's very sick, I couldn't leave her in the room with Maestro Forte any longer..." Belle left the room to get the hot bowl of soup.

Forte was heartbroken when Belle took Cherry away. He was hoping he could earn their friendships, but now it seemed impossible. "So... Cerise stays in bed away from me and forgets everything we've been through together... When the enchantment is lifted she'll be grown up and feeling all better without Forte to be there to lend a helping hand... Not important to the castle... Not important to a young girl's life...." Forte then got angry as he remembered what he wanted to do sometime after Christmas was brought back into the castle. "I THINK NOT!"
uh oh I smell trouble...
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wow he kill her mother tha sick!


that  worst thing to do

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