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It was after midnight. Adam had finished reading his homemade present from Belle and Cherry and went to the dungeon to mend ways with Belle. Cherry was asleep in the bed sick from a terrible cold she had gotten from being outside in the snow-covered castle with only her autumn jacket.

"Cerise!" Forte blared to the ill girl.

"Huh...?" Cherry droned from sickness.

"Get the mirror," Forte demanded, pulling her out of the bed. "I want to see what's going on without me."

Cherry sniffled her nose and wiped the dripping with her sleeve as she walked over to the enchanted mirror on the nightstand.

"Show me... *cough, cough* Belle..." Cherry wheezed and sneezed. The mirror flashed green and showed an image of Belle in the dungeon dancing with Lumiere, Cogsworth and the enchanted ornaments.

They stopped once Adam came in.

"Uh-oh! The Master!" Chip cried.

"Uhh... Belle..." Adam said in his beastly voice, twiddling his clawed fingers together. "Can you forgive me...?" His sky blue eyes looked into her hazel eyes.

Everyone looked up at him and up at Belle. She gave a smile and nod and looked back at Adam.

"Of course..." Belle sounded sincere. "Merry Christmas..."

"Merry Christmas." Adam smiled.

Everyone in the dungeon cheered.

"Let's give Belle the Christmas she's always wanted!" Adam proclaimed.

Cherry smiled and some icky tears escaped her eyes as she gently coughed. Her cheerfulness turned to worry as Forte watched with her what had just happened.

"So, Beast gets girl and it's a happy ending for everyone," Forte sneered. "Enchantment lifted... and Forte fades into the background... No longer important, no longer needed..." Forte growled as he grew very aggressive. His anger nearly matched more than Adam as a beast. "I THINK NOT!" the jealous organ slammed down his keyboard, making a powerful vibration and melody heard throughout the castle. The windows shattered, a chandelier zoomed down quickly.

"OH CRUD!" Cherry cried as the castle was being destroyed with music and Forte was literally bringing the house down. She ran all around the big room, trying to look for an escape through her teary vision and ailment.

"CAN YOU BELIEVE I NEVER TOOK A LESSON!?" Forte laughed evilly. He then got worried as he saw Cherry stumbling around and looked as though she could get killed with everyone else. He then summoned blasts of his green laser sheet music to lift her high above the floor, not knowing she had a horrible fear of heights.

Cherry whimpered and cried for her life as she was being lifted high above and she grew panicked once she saw Forte's face.

"Do not be afraid, I'm trying to help you..." Forte said gently, but she couldn't hear him.

"Maestro!" a tiny voice squeaked. Forte and Cherry looked down to see it was Fife the piccolo. "Stop! What do you think you're doing?"

"Don't you see, Fife?" Forte jeered. "THEY CAN'T FALL IN LOVE IF THEY'RE... DEAD!" he laughed creepy.

"I'll tell you what I see!" Fife snapped. "A big old wind bag!" he then laughed nervously as he failed to be threatening.

"You could've joined me Fife, but I see my triumph is a solo act!" Forte chuckled as he knocked his music box open, messing up various paper sheet music.

"My solo!" Fife cried. "It's blank!"

"So naïve," Forte taunted. "You're second fiddle, Fife! And that's ALL you'll ever be!"

"Maestro, you're scaring me..." Cherry whimpered quietly as she put her hands to her face, wanting to be waken up from this horrible nightmare.

"WE CAN REMAIN AS WE ARE, FOREVER AND EVER!" Forte laughed loudly as he caused more mayhem.

The fun stopped for a moment once the beast, Adam, yelled out, "FORTE!" Adam slammed open the double doors as the lightning flashed against his face. He obviously wasn't in the mood for Forte's reign of terror. "ENOUGH!" Adam demanded.

"Heavens... Master..." Forte sounded calm as Adam walked over. He then went back to vengeful as he sent a blast to Adam to knock him down. "YOU'RE NOT SINGING!" his voice echoed throughout the stone walls.

"Stop! Stop it, Maestro!" Cherry cried as she was lifted up even higher. "You could kill someone!"

"It's all apart of the plan, my dear." Forte smirked.

Cherry looked over to see Cogsworth, Lumiere and Angelique running to prevent the bell jar from falling off the stand, thus making the curse permanent. She could see Forte wanted to remain an organ forever for attention. Tears of fear and sickness coated around her as she wanted to go home now more than ever.

"IS THIS HAPPY ENOUGH FOR YOU, MASTER!? I KNOW I'M DOWNRIGHT GIDDY!" Forte roared, then made Cherry face him. "Cerise, don't you see? If I keep this up, they won't forget me and I won't be forgotten!"

"I wouldn't forget you, even if you did all this!" Cherry said.

"You... You'd never forget me?" Forte sounded touched.

"Before you did this, you were like a father to me," Cherry explained. "You kept me warm, told me stories, made sure I was safe. But now you go off and do all this mess... I hope you're proud of yourself."

"Cerise... I had no idea..." Forte toned down a little. "You'd never forget me... I should change my ways... and..."

"MASTER! THE KEYBOARD!" Fife cried as more lasers flooded the room.

Adam with all his strength lifted the keyboard up to stop Forte's laser powers. Forte tried to play more music, but it was useless. He let out an exhausted sigh as his lasers faded and Cherry dropped from mid-air and landed safely in Belle's arms.

"Are you okay, Cerise?" Belle asked.

"Fine..." Cherry said in a shaky voice, then let out a nasty cough.

"Master... Please..." Forte's voice was very weak and not as booming. "I...I..."

Adam didn't listen, he just slammed the keyboard against Forte's pipes. Forte tried to get out of the sudden pain impacted on him, but accidentally unbolted himself from the wall. He then slowly fell and cried out as his face planted against the floor with papers scattering across the room. Everyone looked as doom was upon them and the nightmares of Maestro Forte were finally over. Adam had some remorse though.
This becomes important later on my fanfiction series
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raventhedoll Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
how so?
CherBear18 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
what do you mean how so?
raventhedoll Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

i mean this

This becomes important later on my fanfiction series


CherBear18 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
basically Forte's relationship with Cherry, a little after her adventure in the castle she has nightmares about Forte and her parents weren't there so they think since she was sick during then, she imagined him there, mostly the dreams she had were about him falling to his death and it's used later in my fanfiction series featuring Forte
raventhedoll Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
awww i see
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