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Cherry and Belle went down the halls of the castle after their dinner, despite being up past Cherry's bedtime back home. They were behind Lumiere and Cogsworth and Sultan, the Master's dog who was now a footstool, was with them. The girls looked to see the suits of armor following them. Cherry felt like she was in a haunted mansion and Belle seemed rather surprised, but not alarmed or frightened.
Cherry felt a little bored with Cogsworth's tales and stories behind some of the pieces in the castle. Either that or she was heavily exhausted for being up rather late and having a full course of cheese souffle. Belle then saw a staircase.
"Hey, Cerise..." Belle whispered.
"Huh?" Cherry looked up at her.
"I wonder what's up there. Come on, let's check it out." Belle started going up the staircase and of course, by nature, Cherry followed. Cogsworth and Lumiere were right before them before they could go any further. "What's up there?" the older girl asked.
"Where? That?" Cogsworth stammered. "Oh nothing. Absolutely nothing interesting in the West Wing. Dusty, dull, very boring."
"So that's the West Wing?" Cherry sounded excited now.
"Nice going." Lumiere glared at Cogsworth with hands on his hips.
"I wonder what he's hiding up there..." Belle went further, holding Cherry's hand.
"Hiding? The Master is not hiding anything!" Lumiere stammered.
"Then it wouldn't be forbidden." Cherry added.
"Perhaps umm... You lovely ladies would like to see something else?" Cogsworth suggested. "We have exquisite tapestries dating all the way back to-"
"Maybe later." Belle cut him off.
"The gardens?" Lumiere suggested. "Or the library perhaps?"
"You have a library?" both girls were exhilarated.
"Yes! With more books than you can imagine!" Cogsworth beamed. He and Lumiere then walked down the steps with Cherry following, but Belle grabbed her arm.
"Belle, they said no!" Cherry whispered loudly.
"I still wanna check it out." Belle told her as they both walked up the stairs and went down the West Wing hall. There was a demon door handle staring at them as they walked into the mess of the room behind the door. There was a ripped portrait that seemed familiar to both the girls, but couldn't place it at the moment.
They both then noticed a flash from behind them. They saw on a small table next to a mirror, there was a floating pink rose. Belle removed the jar to touch the rose, but then a shadow came over both the girls. The Beast was with them and looked angered with them both.
"Why did you both come here?" the Beast snarled as he put the glass back over the rose.
"It was her idea!" Cherry gasped with fright.
"I'm sorry!" Belle cried.
"I warned you both to never come here!" the Beast roared as he stepped closer to both girls.
"We didn't mean any harm!" Belle held Cherry close to protect her.
"DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE!?" the Beast yelled as Belle and Cherry ran out with paralyzed fear.
Belle ran down the stairs and Cherry ran to a different room. Tears of fright blinded her as she was in a different room than her own or the West Wing. She panted heavily and heard some creepy organ music playing. Cherry put her hands in her pockets as she was in the dark, cold room, still hearing the music. She looked up to see a giant pipe organ, about 20 feet tall, playing itself with its eyes closed. He finished his song, then heard a cough from Cherry, which made him open one eye.
"Is someone there?" he drawled.
"Umm...." Cherry stammered frightfully.
"Do not be afraid, child. I won't hurt you... Who are you?"
"I'm Cherry..."
"Ah, Cerise, what an adorable name... You must have an adorable appearance with that voice and name to go with it, my dear..."
"Please, come closer."
oooohhh Belle and Cherry go in the West Wing...
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